Ohio Motorcycle Group
1465 State Route 39 NW, Dover, OH 44622
About The Ohio Motorcycle Group


All businesses should have a vision, mission and core values… Here are ours.


Our Vision is to run the best Harley® dealers in Ohio. Recognized by our customers and the Motor Company for providing unsurpassed service and products through highly motivated, passionate dealership teams that bring excitement and adventure into the lives of our customers, employees, and communities.


Our Purpose is to positively impact people’s lives… through their experiences with our people, our products, and our dealership initiatives to give back.


These core values are the foundation of who we are and how we operate as a dealership group. Every individual on our team is expected to uphold these values and work toward our mission and vision statement as a company.  

We Respect one another - We operate on the principle of mutual respect. We will not always agree with each other, but we will always respect each other. Every person on our team is important and we will appreciate the value that he/she brings to our organization. Be kind, be nice, be professional is what we expect.

We are honest - We will always choose to do the right thing, even when it is not the easiest choice.

We have Fun! - We work in the most exciting industry in the world! No one comes to our dealerships expecting anything but fun. We will check our personal issues at the door and come into the dealership every day ready to have a good time.  Fake it.  Grump.  Our customers only know what they see.  We set the tone for the dealerships. Remember… we get to wear jeans to work and be around motorcycles all day.  

We come to work with Energy - We will celebrate our customers when they join our lifestyle!  We will celebrate each other in our successes! We will be excited and enthusiastic because that is our expectation. Mistakes are tolerable BUT attitude and behavior choices are Not. 

We take responsibility for our actions - We take pride in what we do. Our customers and our coworkers expect this of us. We will always represent our dealerships and ourselves professionally and responsibly.  

We will always be Fair - We understand not everyone will always be treated the same, but everyone will always be treated fairly. Treat as you earned to be treated. 

We fulfill our Commitments - We are only as good as we allow ourselves to be. We will always consider the results before making decisions and hold ourselves accountable for the results. People with good intentions make promises; people with character keep them.